Who makes this @#$%!?

People wonder about us.  And why not? Not a lot of companies out there doing what we do.  Truth be told, we're just a few guys that decided to take our balls seriously and it spiraled out of control. 

Surprising?  Not really.  Most body and hair products available to guys are just re-packaged chick fare.  Not ballsBALM™.  We develop products by men, for men.  That simple.  

We live life to the fullest and we suspect our clients do too.  At ballsBALM™, we're proud to back you up in the fight to look and be your best--whatever that means to you. 

Where is this @#$%! made?

We source ingredients and materials from around the world.  All ballsBALM™  products are manufactured in the USA, dammit.

Why make this @#$%!?

ballsBALM™ is the brainchild of six professionals and friends who were looking for a better way to manage skin and body hair. For modern men, activities from sports to sex require proper grooming to give a guy an edge to succeed. But as most can attest, the current skincare and body hair removal options for men are painful, embarrassing, and messy. The ballsBALM™ ‘six’ sought to change all that for the sake of men everywhere.

We never test on animals.

We use our CEO.

We're not into telling people to do anything we wouldn't do ourselves. At ballsBALM™ all of us are a part of the product development process regardless of our independent clinical trials. The picture above is our CEO getting checked for 'compliance' during our last round of Bare Balm™ formula testing in June 2017 (sorry ladies he's taken).  We do this so you can always use ballsBALM™ products with confidence and frankly, we appreciate things that make us look and feel good.  Just like you do.  Now that's quality control.   

Need to speak to our Management Team?

Holler baller.